Monday, October 13, 2008

Update on everything..

Well, as most of you know, my dad passed away on October 2nd. We were able to be there to be with him when he passed. Now looking back on the whole experience, it was so surreal to see him die. I was grateful, scared, upset and just in shock that the end was here.

I am so thankful that we made it there in time for it. Since then has been a whirlwind. We made the funeral arrangements with my mom, sisters and Chad present. Thankfully, the girls were with Debbie and Doug while we drove up to Dallas.

Chad left to head back home to get the girls and tell them about Grandpa. Julia said that she was "sad inside but happy that he was with Jesus". Just those little words were enough for me to say, We are all going to be ok. She nailed it right on the head.

I was so overwhelmed with amount of love and support from friends and family that showed up at both the visitation and the funeral. It was so hard but so amazing. We had friends come that we haven't seen in years just to say hello. It was truly amazing.

The funeral was nerve racking since my sisters and I were speaking as part of the eulogy. We made it through and said what we wanted to say. I was so relieved to know that it was over.

The men's club held a luncheon for us which was so nice. It was such a great day to see everyone. The burial was sad and the ending to this long agonizing week. Now we are back home and life is as we left it. We are all back at work for a week now and the kids are so glad to be at home.

I have had good days and bad days. The worst was last Thursday. I guess it was facing the fear of losing it when people said how are you when dropping off the kids or just thinking it was the week mark of his death. Whatever it was, it was a hard day. Friday was better but then Julia in an emotional meltdown started crying for Grandpa and how much she missed him. That was tough. I know I will get through this one day at a time.

Thanks again for all of you for everything you did. I am so grateful for all of my loving friends who really came together for me. It was truly something I will never forget.

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