Monday, October 13, 2008

Update on everything..

Well, as most of you know, my dad passed away on October 2nd. We were able to be there to be with him when he passed. Now looking back on the whole experience, it was so surreal to see him die. I was grateful, scared, upset and just in shock that the end was here.

I am so thankful that we made it there in time for it. Since then has been a whirlwind. We made the funeral arrangements with my mom, sisters and Chad present. Thankfully, the girls were with Debbie and Doug while we drove up to Dallas.

Chad left to head back home to get the girls and tell them about Grandpa. Julia said that she was "sad inside but happy that he was with Jesus". Just those little words were enough for me to say, We are all going to be ok. She nailed it right on the head.

I was so overwhelmed with amount of love and support from friends and family that showed up at both the visitation and the funeral. It was so hard but so amazing. We had friends come that we haven't seen in years just to say hello. It was truly amazing.

The funeral was nerve racking since my sisters and I were speaking as part of the eulogy. We made it through and said what we wanted to say. I was so relieved to know that it was over.

The men's club held a luncheon for us which was so nice. It was such a great day to see everyone. The burial was sad and the ending to this long agonizing week. Now we are back home and life is as we left it. We are all back at work for a week now and the kids are so glad to be at home.

I have had good days and bad days. The worst was last Thursday. I guess it was facing the fear of losing it when people said how are you when dropping off the kids or just thinking it was the week mark of his death. Whatever it was, it was a hard day. Friday was better but then Julia in an emotional meltdown started crying for Grandpa and how much she missed him. That was tough. I know I will get through this one day at a time.

Thanks again for all of you for everything you did. I am so grateful for all of my loving friends who really came together for me. It was truly something I will never forget.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update for Wednesday

I love the top one of Julia playing with Dad. She was getting great reactions from him. I also love our family picture. I was thinking about it and it has been 3 years since our last family picture. And lastly, Dad and his girls.

I had to share some family pictures of our visit with my Dad. This was over the weekend. I am happy to report that he is laughing, smiling and talking at times. My mom was able to get him to eat some things today which was better than yesterday since he did not eat a thing.
Hopefully, I can make it back soon.

Monday, September 22, 2008

update on Dad

Hello all-

First and foremost I would like to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers throughout this time. I know the prayers have worked and God is offering us so many new hopes. We have seen my dad for the past few days and each day he seems to be better.

He is still in hospice care and some people have said that patients do get better before the end but I am just looking at it as he is more responsive and actually talking at times. I haven't heard his voice in over a year and that alone is a blessing.

He is making eye contact and when he does look, at times he smiles and laughs. He is making comments here and there saying, "Oh God. or even saying, "Oh shit." haha We all just laughed. My sisters and I feed him ice cream and Julie brought him a beer. He liked the beer. I asked him if he liked it and he said, "Yeah!". I also asked him if I was his favorite and he said, "Yeah!"

So, the report is still that he is terminally sick with pulmonary embelisms (sp?) and one could burst at any time. He is still in hospice care for up to 6 months. He is currently off all of his medications and just trying to keep him comfortable. He is eating more which is so good to see. When people have asked me how he is I am not sure what to say. Yes, he is dying but he is better in responding and constantly holding my hand or caressing my face.

That in all has been the best! I hope this doesn't sound rude to anyone, but once you have lost the touch of your dad or mom, nothing is better than getting that back again just one more time. The girls have really been all over him. Kissing on him as he makes the kissing noise. It has been such a blessing.

We are heading back up there in a bit so hopefully I will have more good news to post. It has been hard but you know, it has been so great spending this time with him.

Thanks again for all of your prayer and keep it up! We are so grateful for each of you!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My dad

Well, i thought my next post would be about how we survived the hurricane with no damage to the house and no power for 5 days.

Now, we have other news that my dad isn't doing well. He has Alzheimer's which was diagnosed in 2001 shortly after Chad and I were married. Progressively, he has gone down hill and been in a nursing home for the past 2 1/2 years.

We received a call that his breathing was labored and they found blood clots in his legs and lungs. He is in Hospice care at the VA and it isn't looking good. We were able to drive to Dallas and see him today.

It was great to see him and he was somewhat responsive to us and even talking at times. He smiled and held my hand, which was well worth the trip.

Please keep us in your prayers that God will take him when it is his time. Our prayers are being answered that he isn't suffering. I am just looking for strength that God will provide us comfort when it does happen.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Well, we are now getting prepared for another hurricane. I wasn't at all thinking Hurrican Edouard was even going to get close to us. We didn't get any rain at all. Well now, I am a bit scared.

We are not going to evacuate and just stay put. We bought the standard water, flashlights, batteries, food and filled up both cars. I have explained to the girls that it will rain a lot and that is about it. I think Julia is more mad that she will not have soccer this weekend.

School closed at noon today and now we are just getting the house prepared. It is way too late to leave and after riding out Hurricane Rita 3 years ago at Debbie and Doug's we decided to stay. Plus- if we left then we would be in Arlington maybe by Saturday. The traffic is already horrible.

Thanks to those who have texted, emailed and called. We are fine and actually going to enjoy the time together. May have a hurricane party tonight at Amanda's just to ring in Ike!

Love to all and I will post again when we have power. Hopefully if we lose it, the power will be back on by Monday or so.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lake House Weekend!!

We had a great time at the Lake house this weekend, thanks to Debbie and Doug. We had 4 families with 10 kids in all. The jet skis were a bit hit and we had some first timers for everything.
New to things this weekend:
New to the jet ski was: Raegan, KiKi, Ava (so proud!), Will and Allison.
New to jumping in the lake or being lowered and dropped in the lake- Will, KiKi, Raegan and Ava
New to the rope swing with massive burn marks- ME! I really need to work out my upper body!
New to the ropeswing and is a Mini- Tarzan- Julia
Over all we had a great time! Thanks to the Sotelos', Litteer's, Jeffress and Gullingsrud Families for coming out and enjoying the weekend. We all had a great time!! Oh- and the babies did amazing- Props to Staci bringing 7 week old Peyton and Jenny bringing 4 month old Lincoln who can say Momma! I sware he can!

Ava - Future Project Runway contestant

Does this take anyone back to the 80's? I had to post this
since it was so hilarious and I am so glad I was able to capture it on film.

Ava went to Gymnastics earlier in the day and wore Julia's leotard from when she was in gymnastics. She woke up from her nap and wanted to wear panties. Chad, the great daddy that he is, puts them on over her leotard as she asks. She picks out her socks and of course, her favorite new shoes. I added in the hair band for looks.

We were getting ready for the Fletcher's to come over for dinner. I wish I could have captured Debbie, Doug, Kyle and Laura's face when they saw Ava for the first time. Needless to say, she was looking pretty sharp for dinner at home.

First Day of School!! A little late..

Ava on her first day at Mother's Day out.

Breakast to start the day..

I know, Matching outfits for school, but who could resist??

Well, I am a tad bit late in sending out this post but what the hell. The girls both started school the last week in August. Julia is in Preschool and Ava in MDO (mother's Day out). We had a rough start since Ava freaked out when we pulled in the parking lot but then said she was excited about going.
Chad was able to go with us to mark this event as I was about to have my first day off for a few hours. We dropped off Julia with a "see ya Mom" like she was a pro. Ava on the other hand was a different story. Her ENTIRE classroom of younger two's were either crying, screaming or trying to escape. Ava looked at us like,"What are you doing to me? You are crazy to drop me off here." With a little crying she was in the class. Chad and I made another lap around the hallway to peek in on her and she was fine.
Yeah to our first days at school!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ava and her new shoes

Just waking up with her new shoes and pantyhose socks on that she loves!

This is hilarious! Debbie took Ava shoe shopping for preschool/MDO that starts on Tuesday. Both of the girls will be in school 2 days a week, which I am getting excited and sad about all at the same time. Anyway- We go to Stride Rite to get some shoes.
Ava doesn't want the girl to even measure her foot, it was nap time and I was thinking this was going to be a mess. Well, I let her out of the stroller and she is trying everything on. We agree on this pair of shoes to try on but I forget her socks since she is in her daily pink Crocs that she will not budge in taking off. I have to ask if this is normal 2 yr. old behavior since she loves to tell me what she wants to wear and what shoes she is wearing, I don't remember this happening with Julia.
So, the lady gives us those pantyhose bootie things to try on with her new shoes. She loves them! She didn't want to take off her shoes at all. We head home for nap and she says, "Leave shoes on. I take nap in shoes." I was like, whatever at this point.
We then come to bath time after a night out with Jake at Chick-fil-a. Ava loved having some one on one time with him. So we get upstairs for bath and she throws a fit about taking a bath with her shoes and "socks" on. I explain it over and over again and finally, she is ok with getting in without the new shoes.
After bath, she is bringing me her shoes to put back on. Now, you have to picture this. We are somewhat potty training so I put on her diaper, then her new panties, then her "pants" which are shorts she has to wear with any nightgown, then her nightgown and on come her "socks" and shoes.
Julie comes to pick up Jake and is laughing so hard at her PJs. Ava shows her "Ju Ju" her new shoes and is running around the house since her new shoes make her go so fast. I was just thinking how fun it would be to be her age for just one day.
We get into bed with our normal routine of books and songs then she says," I sleep in my shoes mom?" What the hell?! I asked her if she was sure and she says, "Yeah! I silly." hahaa! It was so cute.
So, I am working in the office this morning when I hear her coming down the stairs and the first thing she says is,"I sleep with shoes on. I want play games on computer." First of all she still has the shoes on and then she wants to be on the computer??? What has happened overnight with her??
I just had to post this because the whole bootie sock thing is hilarious and they smell sooooo bad since we played outside and they got a little wet. I will need a crowbar to get these off of her.
Happy to say that Julia will come home today! It has been so quiet without her here and I think Ava is a bit bored with me. I can't wait to have my baby back!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Julia's at Grandma's house

Well, my baby is gone for a few days. It seems really weird without her here. I say that I enjoy my freedom every once in awhile but I am missing her so much! Even take yesterday. We were getting ready for some friends to come over and I asked Julia to go upstairs and get dressed. She and Ava went upstairs and I could hear Ava say, "Julia, I want panties on!" Julia says," Ok Ava lets go look in your drawer."

My heart was melting to think that my girls are getting older and wanting to help each other. It was the sweetest thing. Needless to say, I was rushing around the house cleaning up last minute bowls and plates from breakfast when they come down the stairs. Julia had picked out matching tank tops and shorts. They were smiling from ear to ear. I was adorable!

A while later I was in the office getting some work done when I heard Ava say, "Julia I wet. My panties wet". Of course, I am thinking what is she talking about since I have been putting her panties over her diaper. Julia had put panties on her without a diaper and she had peed all over the floor and herself. It was hard to get mad when Julia tried to help her little sister.

So, I am having Julia withdrawals and she has only been gone for a night. I know she and my mom are going to have so much fun. She told me when she left that she would call me when she got to Grandma's. I called them and she was having the best time and was like "mom, who?"

Ava is asking where Julia is but not as much as usual. I think she is enjoying her time to herself as well. Julie and Jake spent the evening with her at their new apartment. She was in hog heaven getting in some alone time. Julie brought her back and she said, "No Mom. I want Ju Ju." Man! Again, I am chopped liver.

I guess it is all apart of being a mom. Missing them, loving them and needing them. I couldn't wish for anything more.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Adult Weekend = freedom and now Reality..

I have no pictures to post yet, but we had a great time at the Frio River. We went with Kim and Kerry and May Lan and Shawn. We have been planning this for what seems like forever and it finally came.

We dropped the girls off at Chad's parents house on Thursday to return on Sunday. It has been quite awhile since we had that much freedom. Half way there I realized all the things that I had forgotten to bring, camping chairs was the biggest one. Chad pulls over to grab some at a swanky Dollar General. I chose to stay in the car, which I normally don't do. I am guessing you can tell where this is going. He comes out with 2 "little" green bags with chairs in them. I was trying not to be so anal, so I just thought to myself, "Wow, those look little or they must fold up good."

We arrive at the cabin which was nice to scope out the river. I was disappointed to see how low it was since I was a virgin river person since last year. Last year they had 5 floods and the river was awesome! I just thought no biggie since we were alone and waiting on friends.

We started to unpack everything and I unloaded the green chairs. Man, they were so light. I started dying laughing when I saw the tag that read, "Kids Quad chair". Man oh man. Chad and his green chairs!!!! Needless to say, they were great foot rests this weekend and now the girls love them at home. haha

We had a blast at the river. We were able to float Happy Hollow a few times, take a nap, play some games and watch Kerry's awesome dance moves. It was great getting to know Shawn and watching May Lan's belly grow each month.

I was so ready to come back to see the girls. Not sure what happened in the night but they woke up in the worst moods and bascially have been hellans all day. I think my freedom has worn off and between trying to clip those damn coupons and take 2 hungry kiddos to the store- that was hell.

Thankfully they are napping and I will be able to think now. YEAH!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Too funny not to post!

Aren't we purty?? This was Fourth of July weekend in Galveston. I had to post this late simply because I am horrible at blogging, myspace, facebook and whatever else is out there to post things but I HAD To post this one.

We went to Galveston for our cousin Ashley's wedding. Julia was the flower girl and it was so sweet. She got a bit of stage fright but then performed like she always does without flaw. Laurie, Anna, Julie and Jake came down the day before to the beach house for the day. We had a blast. The kids loved the water and the girls loved hanging with their cousins.

Above is what happens when you mix a Lopez gathering with a Fletcher gathering. A little bit of drinks and a good glass window- TADA!! It was hilarious! We laughed so hard when tiny hiney Ava started putting on her show. Anna and Julia were hilarious. Laurie was taking pictures and I think Jake was too busy laughing at it to partake.
I realized that I have huge gigantic nostrils. Oh well. What are you going to do... Hopefully it won't be another month until I can blog about our fun couples weekend we just had..

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Little Miss Ava

I feel like the worst mom in the whole world. I have been pretty lazy about this whole blog thing. June 1st was Ava's 2nd birthday. Do you see that entry below anywhere?? NO! I was so consumed with the Hawaii trip and Ava getting well. It was a nightmare.

So, to make myself feel better, here is what happened. We had a party planned for Ava at her favorite park. It was about 1,000 degrees that day and of course, she wakes up with a fever. I was in party mode and we continued on. She was in the worst mood, it was hot as hell (or hotter) and she didn't have fun at all. We wrapped up the party early and came home.

The next day, I took her to the dr. because she was breathing weird and was burning up. I am not one to just rush out and call the dr. for anything, but this was freaking me out. Chad was at home with Julia and then off to get Ava's big girl bed.

The dr. that we saw said she thought she heard something in her lungs and I needed to take her to the ER at Texas Children's. I burst into tears at the thought of her having pneumonia and called Chad. He was in bed mode and didn't pick up. Long story longer, we get Julia to Debbie and Doug's and Ava, Chad and I off to the hospital.

Everyone and their dog was there and lucky for us, they started a new computer system. 7 or 8 hours later, she has an ear infection. I was pissed and relieved all at the same time. We didn't get home until 5:30 in the morning to have her feeling better once the anti-biotic kicked in. It was pure hell.

So, do you feel sorry for me now?? I am laughing under my breath but seriously! I didn't even document this huge event until now. But now you all know... :)

She is talking more and more everyday and loves her one month MDO. Tomorrow is the last day and I think she will miss it. She has been doing extremely well in it for being such the shy little girl that she is...

It's a BOY!!

We have a new addition to the family! Introducing Riley Rufus Fletcher. We have been tossing around the idea of getting another dog for a little while. Just the other day, Chad asks Julia if she wants a baby brother or a dog. Humm.. let her think about that one. She says,"Dad! Why can't we get both?" Like, "DUH!"

I was so opposed to the idea of picking up poop, caring for ONE MORE person in the family and hearing Ava screaming about the dog chasing her. Well, as you can see, I caved in because, come on- look at him! He is adorable!

He is a Cava-Poo (King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and Poodle). We learned that dogs are all mixing with poodles. I didn't realize that you could mix a poodle with a lab. Sounds gross but then you get a Labradoodle. He doesn't shed, which was a major plus.So after many hours of Chad convincing me and research, we decided on Riley. Everyone wanted us to name him Prince, but for some reason, it didn't fit him.

We bought him on Sunday and he has been the best puppy ever! We haven't had a puppy since Barkley, which we got in 2000. Barkley is somewhere or maybe we should say- may he rest in peace- We gave him to the SPCA about a year or so ago. It has been awhile since we had a dog and the thought of getting pregnant right now, freaks me out, so a dog it is!

Julia is just smitten with him and loves him so much. Ava is getting warmed up to him but has recently petted him for the first time. She is scared of dogs and we hope with the new addition of Riley, her fear will be gone.

I know you are wondering why Riley RUFUS Fletcher? Well, Rufus is my dad's middle name and was my grandpa's as well. Now, with the passing of my grandpa- I thought it was fitting. Julia was also calling him- Roofie and Roof. So, Riley it is!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hawaii, oh I miss you so!

What a whirlwind we have had of a summer. We are back from Hawaii!! We had such a great time. I can't begin to tell you how nice it is. The views, the ocean, the food... I can taste it all now. We went for a Fletcher Family vacation with Debbie, Doug and Uncle Kyle and Aunt Laura.

Chad and I agreed that we would go back in a heartbeat but we may have to wait 10 years or so for the girls to get a bit bigger. We went to a Luau, which was my favorite night. It was truly amazing. The road to Hana was awesome as well. It was a long day with over 300 curves on a long narrow road. but the end result was gorgeous. We were looking stylish in our econo-van to hold all of us. Haha! Check out the black sand beach.

I can't express into words how much fun and how relaxing it was. Oh- the best part was also sport fishing with Chad and Doug. We had to get up at 3 am and get on the boat. We saw the sun rise and caught about 4 fish between us. You see, I just started this whole fishing experience. Chad and I celebrated our 7th anniversary in San Diego and as the super cool wife I am, we went deep sea fishing. This was a complete different experience.

In Hawaii, it was on a 1.3 million dollar boat with A/C, which was nice for this city girl. It was a beautiful boat. I did not know a thing about how to reel a fish in and didn't catch much on the first go round in San Diego. In Hawaii, I caught the biggest fish on the boat. It was hilarious. The Hawaiian guy names Shadow, told Chad to not help me and let me "feel the nature". I was dying! My shoulder was burning and I would have rather birthed 10 kids then do that again. It was pretty cool, I have to admit. Thus the picture above..

We were also in Hawaii on Father's Day. We had a wonderful dinner at the Plantation House. It was amazing. They sat us right in the corner for the most perfect view. We saw the sunset as we were eating dinner. It was just gorgeous.

Now, it is back to reality in Tomball. The girls have their activities and work is full steam ahead. Oh, I miss Hawaii!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just if you are wondering..

Ava is great without the pacifier. I felt like I was a little crazy writing the entries earlier but we are good now. She only asks for it when she is really pissed off.

For example, today she wanted it when she didn't get her way. So, she asks for it, I ignore her then she tried to bite something, anything. It was kinda funny but so Ava! haha

Monday, May 19, 2008

Julia's Spring Ballet Recital

Is she the cutest thing or what? Julia was a hit at her 2nd ballet recital on Saturday night. She danced to 2 songs, "Good ship Lollipop" and "You will be in my heart". She did amazing!

Leading up to the ballet recital was somewhat hectic. We went to Debbie and Doug's lake house on Lake Livingston, which we had to drive back for the recital. I stupidly, volunteered myself as one of the backstage moms. I will never do that again! Lesson learned. Between the 2 moms, we had 15, yes I said 15, three-four year old awaiting their turn onstage. We waited for about 45 minutes before they went on. CHAOS!!

Overall, I was so happy with how everything turned out but being backstage, I missed all of the show. I regret that. Julia was a trooper making the drive back to the lake house later that night.

The next day, we had our family reunion for my mom's side of the family. I will post pics when I get them!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day.. a day late! I woke up to the girls coming in the room carry a gift. Chad got up with them and let me sleep in- Present #1. I love the days, I get to sleep in! Julia says, "Happy Mother's Day, mom!" Ava says, " I ooowe you." Which translates to "I love you." It couldn't have been more perfect! She has never said that before! How fitting on Mother's day of all days- Present #2.
Chad had my cup of coffee all ready for me, which was Present #3. He knows me so well. He took the girls the night before to find something to give me for Mother's Day. Julia tells me that she wanted to give me a new skirt, jewelry, high, high heels and a new shirt. They did pick out some new shoes, a heart necklace and a People magazine. Perfect! Present #4
When I opened the necklace, Julia says," I will always be in your heart." How sweet is that!!!! Present #5. I tried on the necklace and it choked me so I kept it on as long as I could before I just had to take it off. Julia was so proud that I was wearing it. It was so cute.
We got ready for the day and meet Debbie, Doug, Kyle and Laura for brunch. On the way there Julia tells us that we didn't even feed her breakfast and Ava is screaming for what Julia has. I was thinking, out of all the days, can this just stop for one day??!! At brunch, Ava was demanding to sit on my lap, which I allowed her to since I didn't want to make a scene as we did the weekend before in Pappasito's celebrating Chad and Laura's birthday. It was a mess!!
The girls were able to make their own pizzas, which was fun and glad they had something for them to do to keep them busy. The food was amazing and it was a great Mother's day treat.
We then came home for and sat outside to enjoy the day. Chad and the girls planted flowers, while I read my People. It was a perfect day.
Staci, my dear friend who has small kids like us, sat outside with me and we watched the kids play while we chatted about how our kids are acting up today. She said something that I thought was so true. She said she was speaking to someone at church who said, " I think the kids know it is Mother's day because they are acting up!" I had to laugh because for a short time yesterday, I was thinking the same thing.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Is this really ever going to end??

Ok- first I will warn you about how the day has gone. I was so proud of my little Ava. Slept all night and not a peep out of her. We started the day taking Julia to school, in our normal routine of saying goodbye to her and Ava asking all day about Julia.
It goes like this, "Mommy, Julia?" "Julia is at school, Ava." "K, Mommy. Julia school."

So, this goes on and on throughout the day and was going well until we headed to the gym. Ava starts yelling, "NO! NO!" I dropped her off in the Childwatch and of course she cried but just for a bit. When I came back, she was standing next to a girl with a pacifier bawling her eyes out! I felt horrible! I forgot about kids at the gym with pacifiers.

Thus, leading to this post about asking for it ALL DAY today! I felt like I set her up. I feel so bad. Needless to say, she still won't nap after an hour of being in her bed crying for me. The cries are starting to diminish all while precious Julia is being so patient to have some time with me.

When I picked her up at school, with Ava in tow, Julia asked me about the "P-A-C" (pacifier). I told her it has been a long day and she responds, "Well, it is going to be a long few days." haha She is such my little lady!

I am hoping this saying that it takes 3 days to break a habit is true. Cross your fingers for my sanity! Please!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Paci is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ava, my sweet sweet Ava, has lost her best friend besides, Julia. We decided since she was turning 2 soon, we would get rid of the pacifier. A wise friend, who will remain nameless since I don't want her head to swell, told me that I am more dependent on it than she is.

A little history for you- Ava in the car has her paci, Ava in the crib has her paci, Ava at the store has her paci, Ava anywhere usually has her paci. Well, no more my friend, NO MORE!

We decided to cut it last Wednesday thinking it would take 2 days like it did for Julia. Oh no! Ava is so stubborn has taken 7 days and still wants the lifeless nub at the end of it! No telling how she ever is able to even hold it in her mouth but she was able to today.

After a few temper tantrums, I took it away from her. Now it is time for nap time and she was so mad about taking a nap she threw it at me! So, Bye bye Paci forever. She was able to put herself to sleep after 30-45 minutes of hearing, "MOMMY!!!!!!!! Mommy :( MOMMY!!!!!!!!!" So, we have history here people! It is gone.

In the car ride home from Nonna's house she begged and pleaded for it. "Mommy, paci please!" For 30 minutes she was crying for it. Ok, my heart was aching that I couldn't give it to her but for the love of GOD! I have to stand my ground, all while it was really in my pocket (just in case!) We get home and not a word about it even going to sleep.

So now for all the new moms out there (Tech Alumni), I hope this doesn't scare you at all. It is just one of the more pleasant stages of our sweet angels sent from heaven.

I will be sleeping good tonight!!