Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just if you are wondering..

Ava is great without the pacifier. I felt like I was a little crazy writing the entries earlier but we are good now. She only asks for it when she is really pissed off.

For example, today she wanted it when she didn't get her way. So, she asks for it, I ignore her then she tried to bite something, anything. It was kinda funny but so Ava! haha

Monday, May 19, 2008

Julia's Spring Ballet Recital

Is she the cutest thing or what? Julia was a hit at her 2nd ballet recital on Saturday night. She danced to 2 songs, "Good ship Lollipop" and "You will be in my heart". She did amazing!

Leading up to the ballet recital was somewhat hectic. We went to Debbie and Doug's lake house on Lake Livingston, which we had to drive back for the recital. I stupidly, volunteered myself as one of the backstage moms. I will never do that again! Lesson learned. Between the 2 moms, we had 15, yes I said 15, three-four year old awaiting their turn onstage. We waited for about 45 minutes before they went on. CHAOS!!

Overall, I was so happy with how everything turned out but being backstage, I missed all of the show. I regret that. Julia was a trooper making the drive back to the lake house later that night.

The next day, we had our family reunion for my mom's side of the family. I will post pics when I get them!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day.. a day late! I woke up to the girls coming in the room carry a gift. Chad got up with them and let me sleep in- Present #1. I love the days, I get to sleep in! Julia says, "Happy Mother's Day, mom!" Ava says, " I ooowe you." Which translates to "I love you." It couldn't have been more perfect! She has never said that before! How fitting on Mother's day of all days- Present #2.
Chad had my cup of coffee all ready for me, which was Present #3. He knows me so well. He took the girls the night before to find something to give me for Mother's Day. Julia tells me that she wanted to give me a new skirt, jewelry, high, high heels and a new shirt. They did pick out some new shoes, a heart necklace and a People magazine. Perfect! Present #4
When I opened the necklace, Julia says," I will always be in your heart." How sweet is that!!!! Present #5. I tried on the necklace and it choked me so I kept it on as long as I could before I just had to take it off. Julia was so proud that I was wearing it. It was so cute.
We got ready for the day and meet Debbie, Doug, Kyle and Laura for brunch. On the way there Julia tells us that we didn't even feed her breakfast and Ava is screaming for what Julia has. I was thinking, out of all the days, can this just stop for one day??!! At brunch, Ava was demanding to sit on my lap, which I allowed her to since I didn't want to make a scene as we did the weekend before in Pappasito's celebrating Chad and Laura's birthday. It was a mess!!
The girls were able to make their own pizzas, which was fun and glad they had something for them to do to keep them busy. The food was amazing and it was a great Mother's day treat.
We then came home for and sat outside to enjoy the day. Chad and the girls planted flowers, while I read my People. It was a perfect day.
Staci, my dear friend who has small kids like us, sat outside with me and we watched the kids play while we chatted about how our kids are acting up today. She said something that I thought was so true. She said she was speaking to someone at church who said, " I think the kids know it is Mother's day because they are acting up!" I had to laugh because for a short time yesterday, I was thinking the same thing.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Is this really ever going to end??

Ok- first I will warn you about how the day has gone. I was so proud of my little Ava. Slept all night and not a peep out of her. We started the day taking Julia to school, in our normal routine of saying goodbye to her and Ava asking all day about Julia.
It goes like this, "Mommy, Julia?" "Julia is at school, Ava." "K, Mommy. Julia school."

So, this goes on and on throughout the day and was going well until we headed to the gym. Ava starts yelling, "NO! NO!" I dropped her off in the Childwatch and of course she cried but just for a bit. When I came back, she was standing next to a girl with a pacifier bawling her eyes out! I felt horrible! I forgot about kids at the gym with pacifiers.

Thus, leading to this post about asking for it ALL DAY today! I felt like I set her up. I feel so bad. Needless to say, she still won't nap after an hour of being in her bed crying for me. The cries are starting to diminish all while precious Julia is being so patient to have some time with me.

When I picked her up at school, with Ava in tow, Julia asked me about the "P-A-C" (pacifier). I told her it has been a long day and she responds, "Well, it is going to be a long few days." haha She is such my little lady!

I am hoping this saying that it takes 3 days to break a habit is true. Cross your fingers for my sanity! Please!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Paci is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ava, my sweet sweet Ava, has lost her best friend besides, Julia. We decided since she was turning 2 soon, we would get rid of the pacifier. A wise friend, who will remain nameless since I don't want her head to swell, told me that I am more dependent on it than she is.

A little history for you- Ava in the car has her paci, Ava in the crib has her paci, Ava at the store has her paci, Ava anywhere usually has her paci. Well, no more my friend, NO MORE!

We decided to cut it last Wednesday thinking it would take 2 days like it did for Julia. Oh no! Ava is so stubborn has taken 7 days and still wants the lifeless nub at the end of it! No telling how she ever is able to even hold it in her mouth but she was able to today.

After a few temper tantrums, I took it away from her. Now it is time for nap time and she was so mad about taking a nap she threw it at me! So, Bye bye Paci forever. She was able to put herself to sleep after 30-45 minutes of hearing, "MOMMY!!!!!!!! Mommy :( MOMMY!!!!!!!!!" So, we have history here people! It is gone.

In the car ride home from Nonna's house she begged and pleaded for it. "Mommy, paci please!" For 30 minutes she was crying for it. Ok, my heart was aching that I couldn't give it to her but for the love of GOD! I have to stand my ground, all while it was really in my pocket (just in case!) We get home and not a word about it even going to sleep.

So now for all the new moms out there (Tech Alumni), I hope this doesn't scare you at all. It is just one of the more pleasant stages of our sweet angels sent from heaven.

I will be sleeping good tonight!!