Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Well, we are now getting prepared for another hurricane. I wasn't at all thinking Hurrican Edouard was even going to get close to us. We didn't get any rain at all. Well now, I am a bit scared.

We are not going to evacuate and just stay put. We bought the standard water, flashlights, batteries, food and filled up both cars. I have explained to the girls that it will rain a lot and that is about it. I think Julia is more mad that she will not have soccer this weekend.

School closed at noon today and now we are just getting the house prepared. It is way too late to leave and after riding out Hurricane Rita 3 years ago at Debbie and Doug's we decided to stay. Plus- if we left then we would be in Arlington maybe by Saturday. The traffic is already horrible.

Thanks to those who have texted, emailed and called. We are fine and actually going to enjoy the time together. May have a hurricane party tonight at Amanda's just to ring in Ike!

Love to all and I will post again when we have power. Hopefully if we lose it, the power will be back on by Monday or so.


Katie said...

Love the lake pics, stay safe!!

Mallie&Brandon said...

be careful, looks scary!